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DARK SPOTS IN SUMMER | Treatment for Dark Spots mainly in Summer

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This Beauty Kit from DOS is designed to protect and reduce the appearance of summer dark spots for those with skin prone to discoloration. With key ingredients to nourish and hydrate, this kit helps to restore skin’s natural moisture levels and reduce dark spots.


Does your skin tend to develop dark spots or discoloration in the summer? This Beauty Kit created by DOS to protect your skin and reduce their appearance.


This Beauty Kit is the solution for dark spots or discoloration in summer.

Overproduction of melanin in the summer on some skin types results in unpleasant dark spots or discoloration.

Sun protection is often not enough, or does not give us the intense protection or reduction needed by skin prone to appear clearer and glowing.

DOS has created for you the ultimate Kit that protects your skin and reduces dark spots or pigments during summer time.

In Autumn , your skin is already protected and ready to accept powerful treatments that may be needed then.


This Kit contains the following products:

Mandelicum Night Solution 50ml
Collagen Night Cream 15ml
Hyaluronic Night Cream 15ml
DOS Luxe Beauty Face Towel
We have created a night routine that will protect and reduce melanin overproduction in the summer during your bedtime.


Step 1 | Cleansing
The Awarded Mandelicum Night Solution, is the lotion that all skins need in the summer. Its a mild exfoliator combined with the moisturizing Hyaluronic acid, the antioxidant plasma of Organic turmeric, the soothing raw rice and the rebalancing propanediol reduces skin melanin production, while improving the skin's natural defenses.

Apply on face every 2nd night, or even every night depending on your needs.

Get wet the face towel contained in the Kit with warm tap water and remove the lotion after 10'.

Step 2
Those of you who love DOS know that our suggestion for the perfect night routine is to use different nutrients at night.

Therefore skin with a tendency for freckles or discoloration is needed intense regeneration and nutrition, in combination with intense antioxidant action. This is what the night creams of this routine offer you.

The Awarded Collagen night cream nourishes, regenerates while visibly tightening the skin.

This hyaluronic acid cream moisturizes and actively discolors the production of melanin through its antioxidant action.

Start your night treatment with Collagen night cream for 3 nights and for the next 3 nights the Hyaluronic acid night cream. We offer reduction in melanin production and also moisturizing with powerful antioxidant action, while skin cells are growing stronger and healthier.

Consult our Beauty experts.

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DARK SPOTS IN SUMMER | Treatment for Dark Spots mainly in Summer
DARK SPOTS IN SUMMER | Treatment for Dark Spots mainly in Summer
DARK SPOTS IN SUMMER | Treatment for Dark Spots mainly in Summer