High Quality Ingredients

At DOS Cosmetics, we prioritize using high-quality ingredients that have been extensively studied and proven to benefit the skin.

Our formulas are carefully formulated to deliver optimal results while ensuring maximum safety and effectiveness through our high quality products.

At DOS Cosmetics, we are proud to use the latest and most advanced ingredients from the
field of cosmetology in our products after rigorous testing and clinical studies.

We are committed to staying at the forefront of skin care innovation and are constantly researching and incorporating advanced active ingredients into our formulas.

Safety & Sustainability

The ingredients we use are selected for their specific benefits and targeted actions on the skin. From moisturizing and nourishing ingredients to powerful antioxidants and skin revitalizing agents, we strive to include a variety of ingredients that address various skin concerns.

We also pay attention to the safety and sustainability of the ingredients we use.
We prioritize sourcing ingredients from trusted suppliers who adhere to strict quality
standards and ethical practices.

Our formulas are designed to be easily absorbed yet effective, suitable
for the most resistant to the most sensitive skins.

The latest Cosmetology

By incorporating the latest cosmetology ingredients into our products, we aim to provide our customers with innovative and effective solutions for their skin care needs.

Our commitment to the use of active ingredients ensures that DOS Cosmetics remains at the forefront of skin care developments, offering products that deliver exceptional results and contribute to overall skin health and beauty.

The Pharmaceutical Science

Ultimately, the pharmaceutical science behind DOS Cosmetics is dedicated to delivering exceptional results in harmony with holistic medicine, while prioritizing the health and well-being of our customers.

We create products that not only improve the appearance of the skin, but also contribute to its overall health, ensuring a truly transformative skincare experience.