The Mythical Olympus Mountain

In the arms of the mythical Olympus, our fields come alive with a multitude of Greek herbs that we cultivate, enriched with the divine energy of this sacred land.
With tender care and unparalleled dedication, we cultivate these precious treasures of the Greek land, ensuring their purity and quality.

As the sun rises over the majestic peaks of Olympus, our expert people pick each herb, selecting only the best pieces at their peak of vitality during spring and autumn.

The Herbs

We respectfully harvest the herbs that are used unprocessed in our formulas.
Inside our laboratories, these fresh herbs are transformed into powerful elixirs.
Each herb is meticulously processed and combined in precise amounts with other herbs, creating the ultimate herbal harmony that enriches each product.

The Heart and Soul of DOS

These elixirs are the heart and soul of DOS Cosmetics, imbuing each composition with the transformative energy of Greek nature.

With each application, the elixirs work their magic, offering your skin a gentle embrace that nourishes, revitalizes and repairs.

The unique combination of Greek herbs unlocks nature's treasure trove of benefits, from soothing inflammation to boosting collagen production, from promoting radiance to balancing the skin's natural pH.

The Alchemical partnership

Our elixirs are more than a blend of herbs; they are an alchemical partnership of nature's wisdom and scientific innovation.

They are proof of our unwavering commitment to harness the power of Greek herbs and unlock their full potential.

Experience the Elixirs

Experience the charm of our elixirs, let their substances act reparative on your skin and witness the transformative results that only the secrets of nature can bring.

DOS Cosmetics invites you to embrace the power of Greek herbs, grown in our own fields in the arms of Olympus, and begin the journey of beauty and well being that transcends
time and space.

The Elixirs

  • Elixir No.1

    We combined these exceptional organic Greek herbs and created the Elixir No.1.
    We enriched our formulas and enchanced with this innovation the antioxidant action in our day creams.

    Mount Olympus tea, St. John's wort, Calendula, Lavender, Red Tea.

  • Elixir No.2

    We combined these organic Greek herbs and created the Elixir No.2.
    We have enriched and perfected the formulas for the eye creams with the increased demands of the area.

    Hypericum, Fennel, Chamomile, Calendula, Brown raw rice.

  • Elixir No.3

    We combined these unique organic Greek herbs and created the Elixir No.3.
    We enriched our formulas with this and enhanced the natural whitening and antioxidant action in our night creams.

    Mount Olympus tea, St. John's wort, Calendula, Lemon, Coffee, Olive leaves.

  • Elixir No.4

    We combined these organic Greek herbs and created the Elixir No.4.
    We enriched the formulas of our cleansers with this combination and enhanced their action by protecting the pH of the skin.

    Mount Olympus tea, Hypericum, Calendula, Chamomile, Lavender.