The True Beauty

At DOS Cosmetics, we believe that true beauty is not only the skin, but an exquisite balance of mind, body and spirit.
Embracing the ancient principles of traditional Chinese medicine, we offer a transformative experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Enter our world, where the beauty of nature and the wisdom of the ancients converge, and let DOS Cosmetics guide you on a journey of repairement, balance and timeless radiance.

The Five Elements Theory

According to the Five Element Theory, we are all made of the same materials, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. These elements are interconnected and influence each other through a cycle of creation and control. This theory provides a framework for understanding balance and harmony within the human body, and for diagnosing and treating imbalances through Chinese medicine.

In the element of Wood, we embrace the spirit of growth and renewal, infusing our formulas with revitalizing botanicals that awaken the skin's vitality.

The fiery essence of Fire ignites a bright glow as our products harness the power of transformative energy to ignite the passion and glow from within. All sensitive skin types and concerns belong to the element of Fire.
Tapping into the Earth element, our protocols embrace the grounding energy of nature itself. Rich, nourishing ingredients derived from the bounty of the earth envelop the skin, enveloping it in a gentle embrace that restores balance and harmony with ultra-soothing properties.

 The element of Metal whispers purity and refinement as our compositions draw strength from the pristine elements of nature. Precious minerals and botanical extracts are mixed, creating the ultimate formula that bleaches, cleanses, detoxifies and rejuvenates the skin while making it resistant to the elements that go to disharmony it.

 Finally, the element of Water flows through our beauty protocols, imbuing them with a sense of fluidity and softness. Like a waterfall, our products renew and hydrate, quenching the skin's thirst for nourishment, imbuing it with a sense of freshness and radiance.

Product Combination

We therefore created beauty protocols with a combination of products and based on your personal needs per season, which give your daily Skincare the absolute harmonize your skin needs to get skin like a model. It is not only important to use active products, it is important how we combine them and the moment during the day when we apply them.