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  • ACNE 2 | Night Treatment 50ML

    89.00 71.20

    Acne spots, antiseptic & minimize pores

    The healing formula dries and removes the intense oilness and imperfections of acne.

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  • ACNE CLEANSER | Face & Eyes 150ML


    Impurities, spots & minimize pores

    A gentle antiseptic and anti-bacterial fluid that cleans in depth doing a slight exfoliation

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  • AHA – HYAL | Night Treatment 50ML

    105.00 84.00

    Smoothness, hydration & glowing skin

    A strong combination of fruit acids and hyaluronic acid

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  • APRICOT KERNEL – Base Oil 100ML


    Keeps the skin youthful and hydrated.

    It is soft, absorbs easily, soothes irritated skin as is rich in vitamin A, C and E.

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  • ARGAN – Base Oil 100ML


    Contains natural lipids that offer many benefits to the skin.

    A rich source of vitamin E and linoleic acid making it one of the most active antioxidant oils

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  • ASCORBIN – Night Serum 30ml

    105.00 84.00

    A serum designed with 7 pure active ingredients, magic 7, as our experts call it, gives anti-aging, antioxidant, moisturizing, repairing and antimicrobial action. It smoothes skin, maintains moisture at normal levels, discolors pigmentations, cleanses clogged pores and tightens them while enhancing natural metabolism of cells.

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  • AVOCADO – Base Oil 100ML


    Rejuvenates the cells of the epidermis.

    It nourishes sensitive skin and is rich in omega-3 fat, vitamin A, D and E.

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  • CASTOR – Base Oil 100ML


    The richest source of ricinoleic acid with strong antibacterial properties

    It keeps the moisture so that the skin oxygenates sensibly.

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  • COCONUT – Base Oil 100ML


    Rich in vitamins and micronutrients

    A rich source of linoleic acid that makes it an extremely effective antioxidant with intense anaerobic activity

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  • COLLAGEN | Day Cream


    Firmness, elasticity & rich hydration.

    Extremely rich day cream with sea collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin, offers deep hydration.

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  • COLLAGEN | Night Treatment 50ML


    Firmness, elasticity & rich hydration

    A moisturizing and firming treatment for the night, regulates moisture and transforms the skin.

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    This unique kit combines nutritious marine collagen with moisturizing hyaluronic acid and antioxidant herbs of the Greek land. It provides you with a complete proposal for your daily treatment in 3 simple, quick and easy steps.

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  • COLLAGEN CLEANSER | Face & Eyes 150ML


    Firmness, elasticity & rich hydration

    An excellent product that cleanses the skin in depth, leaving it soft and refreshed

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  • COLLAGEN CREAM | Eye & Lip 20ML


    Firmness, elasticity & rich hydration

    The triple-action collagen cream nourishes, tightens and regenerates the eye and lip area.

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    High volume plumper, lip wrinkles, extreme glam

    Give your lips immediate volume and shine with this refreshing lip gloss

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  • COLLAGEN SERUM | Face & Eyes 30ML


    Firmness, elasticity & rich hydration

    The absolute anti-aging serum that regulates skin moisture

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  • GRAPESEED -Base Oil 100ML


    One of the most common oil bases used in cosmetology

    Its texture is light with intense antioxidant effects

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  • HIBIO | Day Serum 30ml


    A “Botox effect” day serum, lightweight that delivers rich and immediate hydration to the skin though a powerful antioxidant and antimicrobial action that enhances skin moisture while tightening pores and skin, visibly from first applications.

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  • HYALURONIC | Day Cream 50ML

    75.00 60.00

    Fine lines, hydration & glowing skin

    An amazing formula based on hyaluronic acid that boosts skin moisture.

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  • HYALURONIC | Night Treatment 50ML


    Lifting, minimize pores & glowing skin

    An active mask-gel that offers immediate lifting results

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