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OXYGEN SPECIES | Total Skin Rebalance

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OXYGEN SPECIES | Total Skin Rebalance harnesses the power of active ingredients to create a more balanced, healthy-looking complexion. Our effective blend includes organic turmeric plasma, hyaluronic acid, advanced technology vitamin C, pre-probiotics, olympus tea, mandelic acid, and hibiscus to help neutralize free radicals and reduce the appearance of premature aging. 3 Serums and 1 Lotion, 2 Serums for the day and 1 serum and 1 lotion for the night. Discover this amazing rebalancing beauty line and improve the best of your skin in all ages. 


First, we have Sunscreen Antispot 50+SPF, a lightweight and hydrating serum enriched with hyaluronic acid and antioxidants. This powerhouse ingredient provides broad-spectrum sun protection for UVA and UVB sun rays, but also helps to prevent dark spots and signs of aging.

Next, we have the the award-winning foam liquid cleanser with Collagen, removes skin impurities from the face and eyes. Protects skin moisture and moisturizes delights in the Hyaluronic acid it contains.

For targeted care, we've included our global-awarded Mandelicum Night Solution. A refreshing light exfoliating and toning lotion that cleans the skin deeply. Enhances cell longevity and protects against oxidative stress. The lotion prepares the skin at night to deeply absorb the ingredients of the treatments and improves immediately excellent results.

Combined with that products we have included and 3 bamboo cotton pads, which are the latest trend now in skincare to better clean your face and protect your outer layer. especially now for the summer.

And last the premium travel kit to accompany you on all your travels.


This bundle is the optimal blend of products, specially curated for the spring season and the following summer time.


In 15 days of use your skin will be glowing youthfull.

This is your ultimate skincare collection for a radiant, refreshed and rejuvenated complexion. This carefully curated bundle includes three essential products, specially designed to nourish and revitalize your skin.



Cleanse your face and apply the Sunscreen serum.


Cleanse your skin and apply the Mandelicum night solution for 3 nights. Continue your night routine with Manca Butter as face mask for the rest 3 nights.

Let your skin to rest for 1 night.

OXYGEN SPECIES | Total Skin Rebalance
OXYGEN SPECIES | Total Skin Rebalance