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  • ASCORBIN – Night Serum 30ml


    A serum designed with 7 pure active ingredients, magic 7, as our experts call it, gives anti-aging, antioxidant, moisturizing, repairing and antimicrobial action. It smoothes skin, maintains moisture at normal levels, discolors pigmentations, cleanses clogged pores and tightens them while enhancing natural metabolism of cells.

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  • HIBIO | Day Serum 30ml


    A “Botox effect” day serum, lightweight that delivers rich and immediate hydration to the skin though a powerful antioxidant and antimicrobial action that enhances skin moisture while tightening pores and skin, visibly from first applications.

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  • MANDELICUM – Night Solution 200ml


    A refreshing gently exfoliating and toning lotion that deeply cleanses skin, enhances cellular longevity and protects against oxidative stress. The lotion prepares the skin at night to absorb in depth the ingredients of the treatments and brings immediate and excellent results.

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  • OXYGEN SPECIES – Repairing Kit

    304.00 218.90

    The OXYGEN SPECIES series was created with the aim of giving the skin exactly what its name says.


    The product formulas were designed with the philosophy to induce the natural and rapid oxygenation of the cells of the outer layers of the skin.

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  • SUNSCREEN 50+ SPF, FILTERS UVA UVB – Light Serum 30 ml


    An innovative and wide-spectrum 50SPF sunscreen for UVA / UVB rays. The serum protects skin from dehydration and sun pigmentation, thanks to the powerful antioxidant combination, penetrating in deeper layers, reducing the production of melanin and extremely moisturize cells due to hyaluronic acid.

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