Prevention and protection from the aging process

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22 December 2016
The life of the skin cells
26 December 2016

Prevention and protection from the aging process

Sun exposure, unbalanced diet, low quality sleep, the environment and everyday personal care are factors that affect the process of cellular renewal of the skin, which is also the largest organ of our body.

The most effective prevention and protection from the aging process comes from the renewing of the skin cells. This is normally repeated every 28 days, depending on age, mainly. Over time, however, the production of elastin and collagen – two basic constituents of juvenile skin – is noticeably reduced and therefore the process of refraction slows down.

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Our formulas are based on the specific ingredients, protecting the skin from the loss of collagen and elastin, but they are also reinforced with ingredients that cause the natural production of these ingredients, resulting in the always refreshed and shiny skin’s appearance.