The basic treatment over time based on skin type
22 December 2016

Our promise

Rejuvenation – Shine – Youthful skin in 15 days

Exposure to the sun, pollution and various chemicals, smoking and poor nutrition, are the daily burden of our skin, which is also the largest organ in our body.

  • Protecting it and preventing all these factors that accelerate the aging process is done by renewing the cells of the skin. This, of course, is repeated every 15 days. Over time, however, the production of elastin and collagen – two basic structural components of the skin – is reduced and therefore the process of refraction slows down.

Earn years of youth… our way! ! !

Yes, you are reading well! Our skin, more specifically the cells it consists of, have their own rhythm: for example, they wake up at night as we sleep … Then they work intensively to repair the damage that happened during the day from environmental attacks.

But it is not only the time of the day that plays a role. The month and time of the year influence the biological rhythm of its regeneration, creating different needs every time. If, then, we respect this pace imposed by Nature, we will make our skin stronger and more receptive to the cares we offer.

However, we should never forget that any new treatment, like any change of the time, can disturb the balance. In addition, whatever we try, we should let the treatment cycle during the 28-day cell renewal and then judge its effects.