The years’ seasons
26 December 2016

Day-to-night switch

In the morning the skin has to be protected from external attacks: solar radiation, pollution … Cells recognize the difference in brightness and adapt, developing protection mechanisms. You can help them by applying every morning a cream that will provide you with protection, the appropriate moisturizing elements and during summer, sunscreen filters.

The semen production peak, coupled with testosterone production, is observed in the morning, with a peak at noon, around one. At that time, PH becomes more acidic so the skin can be protected from bacterial attacks. By the end of the afternoon, the skin becomes more resistant to pain, so that is the right time for any treatment.

In the evening, cell renewal occurs, especially between eleven and one in the morning, when cells are multiplied eight times faster! Then all the cells that were destroyed during the day are regenerated. The skin “opens” and is ready to accept all the nutrients.

At the same time, the skin removes the toxins and re-creates the hydroplating mantle that protects its moisture. That’s why in the evening our skin is more sensitive and the risk of irritation, bigger.