For DOS every woman is unique by nature, however we think some beauty tips are common for all women. We occasionally list some of them here.

26 December 2016

Day-to-night switch

In the morning the skin has to be protected from external attacks: solar radiation, pollution … Cells recognize the difference in brightness and adapt, developing protection […]
26 December 2016

The years’ seasons

Our skin is the natural “fence” between our organism and the environment, which protects us. It is the largest organ of our body and particularly sensitive […]
26 December 2016

The life of the skin cells

Our skin, more specifically the cells it consists of, have their own rhythm: for example, while we sleep at night, they wake up and work for […]
26 December 2016

Prevention and protection from the aging process

Sun exposure, unbalanced diet, low quality sleep, the environment and everyday personal care are factors that affect the process of cellular renewal of the skin, which […]
22 December 2016

Do we have to wear night cream?

  The woman’s cycle The beauty and health of our skin depend not only on the outside environment but also on the way our body works […]